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FBI Background

Posted by Mandi on January 20, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Really?? Why wasn't we told this before??!?!?!?!?

Our Home study Agency directed us to do our background check the "Old School" way, you know roll our hands all in ink, on a finger print card and mail it in.  average wait time 6-8 weeks, OR LONGER.  This is because they have to find some one, who was CRAZY enough to go to school and learn how to read them.

Jeremy and I have wondered "Why cant we just do the scanner/Digital finger print scan like the GA Govt did." Well we now know you can do it that way with the FBI also, and it then only takes 2-6 Business Days to get your results back.  OMG, WTH why did they not tell us this. 

Now the Question is do we pay more $, 48$ each to get this done???  or should we just hold out for the old school way to finish up?  I had called the FBI the other day and asked what the status of our background check was and they said they received our stuff on Dec 5th.  and ours have not been processed yet.  so you have to think, that is is now 6.5 weeks we have been waiting.  so should we hold out the extra 1-2 weeks or do digital.  sigh.

Ither way I guess i will tell  our Home study agency about the digital FBI background check option so others will not have to do this wait.

  1. - DIgital 2-6 Business Days to get results back
  2. - OLD SCHOOL 6-8 weeks                    304 625 5590 is the # to call to check on your status.

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