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Foster adoption

Posted by Mandi on January 24, 2012 at 1:45 PM

To keep our options open while we wait we are just poking our nose in to the FOSTER SYSTEM
"Q Scary Music"

Yes we have decided we want to Adopt Domestically.  We have our agency "Adoption Alliance, In TX".  Our application is in the Mail as of this week (Once i get to the post office). :)

Any ways, just in case, just to keep our options open, and maybe double our chances.  we will take the free classes to be able to adopt through the foster system, if it it looks like something we want to do.  So while we wait for our match with the agency, if a adoption situation pops up with the foster system that we like we can do that.

BTW we WILL NOT FOSTER.  Some people may like that.  But me, i would not be able to have a child in my home for 3mos-2 years, fall in love with them, then the parents that abused them wants them back so i have to hand them over.  No way. I am not ready for that pain

We are ONLY interested in children that are available for adoption.

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