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Posted by Mandi on June 18, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Since we started posting mostly on our Facebook page alot has happined.

Let me give you a run down.

March 22 - We were officially approved by our Agency "The Adoption Alliance"

April 5th - We approved our "Adoption Profile Book"  - Even though I still was not impressed or happy with it.  There is a rant all on its own with this.  Lets just say "YOU ARE NOT A DESIGNER IF YOU USE A SCRAP BOOK PROGRAM - and yes our agency required us to use these people"

May 8th - we are Selected by a Bio mom !!!!!  Baby due Sept 22, 2012

June 12th - Bio mom had been Mia or lieing to agency since we matched - Agency puts us back out for other potential Bio families to look at our Profile.

Yah what a roller coaster.  But hay that is how things go.

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