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A Update

Posted by Mandi on December 12, 2012 at 9:55 AM

if you have not been following our facebook page, here is a update.if you have not been following our facebook page, here is a update.



We officially had 2 Failed Matches.

Match 1 that didn't work out you know about.  That Bio mom Disappeared, and stopped contacting the Agency.  (We lost about 2,500$ on that match.  I hate to say it, but I think she was a Scammer.


Match 2 Happened the day after we Match 1 was cancled.  The baby was to be due the same time as baby 1.  So it must be FATE RIGHT???  Well to find out the Bio mom was hiding info from the agency.  The baby was gonna have to have open Heart surgery the day it was born.  and was possibly MR.  


As Much as I want to adopt, I can not handle a child that will be MR and or have medical issues all its life, and this one was to have.  If I had been able to adopt a child with medical issues I would of adopted a needy child from the Foster system, (Adopting From Foster is almost FREE) and would of saved that 35K$ to spend on the child instead of a agency.


So I Canceled that Match, With in 3 Weeks I had Lost 2 Children.  One Little boy, and one Unknown.

I Cried and Cried, I still think about those little ones.


All this happens with in the month of June.


I close the door to the Nursery, and stop going in there, I can't even open the door.  July ends.


AUGUST, 19 2012 approximately 3pm - MATCHED AND BORN!!!

On This Date, while on our way home from a Major couponing trip, My husbands phone rings, i look at it and it is the Adoptiong ALliance.  Huh What !!?!??!?! it is Saturday!?!??! why would they call on a weekend UNLESS……..

Yes a Baby girl was born, she is 6 days old!!  She is in the NICU, but only because her bio mom had her at home.  Mom has already left the hospital and signed the papers.  All we have to do is get to TX by tomorrow afternoon.


With in 3 hours, we were packed, had a flight and were on our way to the airport.

By 11 pm that night Jeremy and I were in TX in our hotel room unable to sleep because in less than 12 hours we would get to meet our lovely little girl for the first time.





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