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Posted by Mandi on October 17, 2011 at 10:35 AM

So yes, still looking, talking, investigating.  I thought i had found the perfect company a few days back when i got off the phone with them.  But no, after a Google search.  guess what.  They had been investigated, have horror stories of matching 3 families to 1 kid, and at the birth then letting the mother decide.  ect......  "And before you say it, yes i know all agencies will have a Bad review or two.  but this place had more than a few.    SOOOOOO Back to Square 1.

I have been Keeping a Note book with me, to keep notes and info about agencies i am interested in with me.  Unfortunately Jer and i cant be together every time we talk to some one about their services. 

If any one knows of a good service and wants to give us recommendations we will be happy to talk to them.  I would rather work with a some one that a Friend or family member has already used.

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