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Idiot's Guide to Adoption - Time for some reading

Posted by Mandi on October 24, 2011 at 9:00 AM

So I have decided we need to  do a little reading off the net.  On the net there are too many links to no where, and too many opinions.

Yes opinions and others experiences are nice when I am deciding who to choose for the adoption.  But not now.  I need to be more informed when I decide.  What to ask, what to look for, what Red Flags to look for, and a better idea of the different types.

We are not rich people, we can not afford to be screwed over.  So. Let's do our home work.  
The complete IDIOT'S Guide to  Adoption will be my Home work while on Vacation, And yes by the time you read this, Vacation will be over. Actually right now I am sitting in our hotel room, relaxing my blistered feet, while Jer is out with the guys.  And gratz us, we are only down 50$ and yes we are in Vegas.


SO what do i hope to learn from this book?? 

1. What adoption Type is best for us :  As I keep reading I am still liking demostic.  Why am I deciding this?  Well because I think there are no real cost advantages going out of country.  It use to be cheaper to go international.  But now it is even.  Or actually more.  Some countries you have to pay bribes to get paperwork done.  And that is not estimated in your costs.  Also I like the idea that a lot of birth mothers want The adoptive parents at the birth.  

2.  Open, semi-open, or Closed adoption: I think I would have to say semi- open.  I will be more than happy to send pictures and letters.  

3. Agency or attorney : we are in limbo on this.  We have narrowed it down to 2 agencies, and are waiting on info from 2 different attorneys.  Once we hear from the attorneys we will be able to ask the right questions and finally decide.

So on the flight home I wil have time to review the book once more.  And be able to make a informed decision.  Hopefully we will have the answer soon.

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