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The Pre Home Study

Posted by Mandi on October 28, 2011 at 7:35 PM

We have narrowed down our choices between a agency in TX or a Attorney in FL.  While we work on making this decision, it is time to get ready for the Home Study"

Any one that knows what a home study is, is prolly thinking there is no such thing as a "pre Home Study" But for me there is.  If you dont know what consist in a home study, well think of it as a total invasion of your privacy.  5 different background checks, Physicials, and a home inspection.  Sounds easy?  LOL  wait till you see the book of info you have to fill out.
Right now I will focous on the Home part.  Next week the paperwork will begin.

A Pre Home study to me will be "Getting all those HONEY DO list items done in the House"   Yes the social worker is going to look in every cabinet in the house.  They are there to make sure things are safe, like we dont have bugs, or rotted steps, holes in the living room floor, or a Snake pit, ECT. "personally we think this should be required of birth parents also that choose to parent their kids, because well there are plenty living in bad conditions"  So what are we doing to get the house ready for the home study visit.  

Well first Missy will be visiting to help!!!

We will paint the soon to be baby room.  I have chosen a off white with a green accent wall.  I figured green is unisex enough.  Theme is jungle ish. If You look at the Garanimals stuff at Walmart, that is what we are basing it off of.

The only thing i am missing for the room is a rocking chair.

What else...  Until Missy gets in to town we have to pick up Halloween from the yard.  Carpet clean, safety locks on bottom doors/cabinets.  Clean/organize laundry room, cut Grass, Clean off Back Porch, and Clean the Garage.  This will be a week or 3 of fun.

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