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The Home Study Process Part 2 - Hidden Fees

Posted by Mandi on December 8, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Previously I spoke about what we were gonna have to go through for the Home study Process.
Well now we are 1/2 way in to it.  

I have to say no one tells you to budget for the extra Home Study Stuff.  Now what do i mean.  lets see.


SEPTIC:  If you do not live where you have city sewage, you have to get your septic inspected.   We are required to have our septic inspected/cleaned.  Our home is 10 Years old. so the septic codes have changed.  Well we have to pay to get the septic up to code on top of it to pass inspection.  750$

FBI Finger Printing: FBI prints you can not just do digital scanning, they want the old fashioned way.  Get ready to ink up your hand.  First YOU must provide the card.  The printing location will not.  So we have to pay 10$ for a Ream of Card Stock Paper.  Total $50  This includes Shipping First Class Mail

GA Background Check:   34$ each person = 68$

911 Call Report:  $5

Medical Report: Physical $20-40$ Pending Co-pay each person - $40

Drug Testing Report: 40$ a person = $80

Also paying for Certified Copies of, Marriage License, Birth Certificates, Divorce Decrees, or Death Certificates of previous Marriages.  If you do not have Official copies of them.  can cost from 0-10$ per document.

CPR & First Aid Training/Certification = $125 per person is the average i have seen


On top of these fees You have to take off work to do most of these things, so you are loosing out on work pay also.

Jeremy and I try to bundle things.  For example, I work a 4 day week. Monday - Thursday.  So we do things on Fridays.  This will help to not effect my work pay.  

We also try to do  more than one thing in that day.  

For example, we did FBI, Ga Background Check, and First Home study Visit all in one day.   Next time We will probably do a Friday and group our second home study, Physicals, and Drug test all in one day if we can.

And Last of all Yes you must think of the gas you are spending running around town to do all of this.


So Far Jeremy and i can say we have spent about $1,000 on top of our home study fees,  and expect at least 200$ more in cost before it is over

So Please If you are going through this process Pad at least $1000 extra in Adoption cost for these extras.

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